November 14, 2023 5 min read

    We're excited to have just introduced a brand new recovery board to the family - the MAXTRAX LITE.

     At MAXTRAX, we really exist to bring products that give you the confidence to get into adventures, and the gear to get out again. The all-new MAXTRAX LITE provides a more affordable entry to off-roading for lighter vehicles and those heading out less frequently, meaning there's now a recovery board in our range to suit everyone.

    In this blog we wanted to highlight some of the reviews of MAXTRAX LITE coming in from the 4WD community, as well as giving you our own rundown of the entire MAXTRAX family - the Minis, LITE, Mk2s and XTREMEs




    In this video Ronny pushes MAXTRAX LITE to the brink of destruction - Ronny hits the recovery boards while travelling at 80km/hr, bends them to 90 degrees twice, and performs multiple recoveries with everything from a Jeep to his 79 Series. 

    Ronny then runs through a very honest review of the full range of MAXTRAX recovery boards that will leave you with no questions about which MAXTRAX you should buy.

    Ronny's verdict if you're wondering which MAXTRAX are right for you? You'll have to watch to find out... But ultimately, Ronny does a great job of showing that, although they'll take an absolute beating, the MAXTRAX LITE boards aren't designed to be the best or even for every vehicle, but they do have a place for a specific vehicle type and off-road frequency. 



    Josh Collins does a great MAXTRAX LITE review, running through the full MAXTRAX Family Range:

    In Josh's review he also places his MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks against a rock and rolls his Hilux up on top of them muiltiple times to test their flex and ability to bounce back into shape. Jump to this point here on his review to see that test, and how they bounced back from the flex.


    Massive thanks to all of the four-wheel driving and MAXTRAX community who have shared their LITE reviews so far. Make sure you tag #MAXTRAX and #maxtraxLITE to show us your MAXTRAX adventures!



    With four choices in the MAXTRAX recovery board range you're probably asking yourself which MAXTRAX should you buy? Check out Ronny's video above, and our overview below, to answer that question! But here it is in a nutshell!



    • MAXTRAX MINIs recovery tracks are perfect for smaller ATVs like quad bikes, Polaris, and off-road buggies with smaller tyres, and less carrying space.
    • MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks are the go-to board for those with lighter vehicles conscious of weight restrictions, and less infrequent off-roaders who want to save some money while still having the confidence to hit the beach or off-road trails. 
    • MAXTRAX MkII recovery tracks are the original and the best - the most popular recovery board in the range, they suit heavier vehicles and those who rely on their gear to give them the confidence to get into remote or adventurous locations. 
    • MAXTRAX XTREME recovery tracks are the ultimate option when you want the best of the best. The key difference here is that you can replace the teeth in the field, which are made of alloy for ultimate strength and durability on mission critical uses, including first responders and the military!


    There's a few things that you'll notice are consistent across the whole family of MAXTRAX recovery boards - we call this MAXTRAX DNA. The common DNA in the range is that all of our recovery boards:
    • All MAXTRAX recovery boards are Australian made, backed by a lifetime warranty
    • Have patented double ramp designs, which doubles as a shovel
    • Have large, aggressive teeth that give your tyres maximum traction 
    • Have comfortable built-in handles, and pinholes for secure storage 
    • Stack together in a low profile, sleek and seamless way



    Let's move onto the core differences in the range, starting with the MINIs. So in addition to all of the great MAXTRAX DNA we just ran through, the MINIs are:
    • Made from MAXTRAX's proprietary nylon blend - like the Mk2s and XTREMEs this is the toughest blend around and means they'll bend around the weight of your tyres and bounce back no worries 
    • They're 640mm long and have 44 super tough nylon teeth. 
    • The minis are best suited for small vehicles like a Jimny, or more commonly for off-road buggies like your Polaris and ATVs.



    Now moving onto the newest addition to the range, the MAXTRAX LITE. We're super excited about this one because it's actually the most affordable in the range, and the lightest - which opens up a world of possibilities for people who might not be getting off-road frequently, might not have a large vehicle, but still want that confidence and insurance that we all know and love by carrying a set of MAXTRAX.
    • The MAXTRAX LITE recovery boards are 895mm long which is 22% shorter than the full sized Mk2s and XTREME
    • They've got 66 teeth and are made from an impact resistant thermoplastic which is what makes them so light
    • Speaking of weight, they're a massive 48% lighter so almost half the weight of the Mk2s, weighing just 1.8kg each
    • They're rated to 3500kg, whereas your Mk2 and XTREME are rated to 4500kg. So in terms of vehicle fits, these are going to be ideal for your Jimnys, your dual cab utes that aren't running a canopy, and even perfect for the adventurous smaller SUVs like your Subarus and RAV4s.
    • If you're doing lighter or less frequently off-roading, have a smaller 4WD, or just looking for your first set of recovery boards while sticking to a budget - the LITE is the answer.

    You can also check out our own rundown of MAXTRAX LITE here:



    Moving up from the LITE we have the MKII recovery tracks, these are the most popular 4WD recovery boards in the world and for very good reason.
    • The MKIIs are 1150mm long with 88 teeth, and they're made from our proprietary UV-stabilised, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. This is a proprietary blend meaning you'll only find it in our recovery boards, and it's what makes them the most reliable recovery tracks.
    • If you're wondering just how tough they are, you can check out a range of real-world reviews online. In terms of lab testing, the MKIIs were actually tested at the University of Queensland to wrap completely around a 33-inch tyre, without breaking. They're designed to take a beating!
    • So if you're looking for something that'll get you out of any situation, the Mk2s are your best mate. They'll give you the confidence to get out there and have a good time, AND the means to get back again if you get into some trouble.



    Now at the top end of the range, we have the best of the best for extreme conditions - the accurately named MAXTRAX XTREMEs. 
    • They're the same length as the Mk2s and have the same number of teeth, they're also made from that super tough proprietary nylon blend.
    • BUTwhat makes these the absolute best of the best is that every tooth is made from alloy for extra toughness, and the teeth are replaceable.
    • So if you get a bit excited and spin your wheels on the teeth, or you're getting into some really extreme conditions that puts your gear under stress, you're going to love these. You can just pop the teeth out, and replace them again - which means they're going to get you out of those extreme conditions again and again.
    • These are the boards that are trusted by not just us, but the military, special forces and first responders who are getting into field critical missions.

    So that's it - the full family of MAXTRAX recovery boards, the common DNA shared across the range, and the unique attributes of each. In a nutshell, wiwth the introduction of the MAXTRAX LITE to the family there's now a recovery board and price point to suit every person and vehicle wanting to explore off-road, with the confidence that you'll be able to get yourself back home again.