November 14, 2023 1 min read

    The all-new MAXTRAX LITE recovery boards have arrived!

     We're excited to have just introduced a brand new recovery board to the family - the MAXTRAX LITE. The all-new MAXTRAX LITE provides a more affordable entry to off-roading for lighter vehicles and those heading out less frequently, meaning there's now a recovery board in our range to suit everyone.

    Check out the video where Ronny pushes MAXTRAX LITE to the brink of destruction.

    Ronny hits the recovery boards while travelling at 80km/hr, bends them to 90 degrees twice, and performs multiple recoveries with everything from a Jeep to his 79 Series. 

    Ronny then runs through a very honest review of the entire MAXTRAX family - the MinisLITEMk2s and XTREMEs that will leave you with no questions about which MAXTRAX you should buy.

    Ronny's verdict if you're wondering which MAXTRAX are right for you? You'll have to watch to find out... But ultimately, Ronny does a great job of showing that, although they'll take an absolute beating, the MAXTRAX LITE boards aren't designed to be the best or even for every vehicle, but they do have a place for a specific vehicle type and off-road frequency.  

    You can also check out our own rundown of MAXTRAX LITE here:

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